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Global msp agreement

Is it time you took your MSP global?

More businesses are going global with their MSP, find out how to take yours global.

Recruitment content marketing

Five content marketing trends that are impacting your hiring

Learn the latest in content marketing and how it can help you attract top talent. 

How Atkins delivers best practice candidate assessment 

See how engineering consultancy Atkins uses a variety of tools to test the fit and ability of hires, from graduates to experienced professionals.

Two Way Assessment

How to develop a two-way assessment process to improve your hiring

See how you can get more out of your interviews so you don't lose top talent.

When outsourcing goes wrong

When outsourcing goes wrong and how you can avoid it

Discover the common recruitment outsourcing pitfalls and what you can do to evade them. 


How Atkins hires top talent

See how one of the world's most respected design, engineering and project management consultancies recruits.

Unipart Employer branding

How to build a brand that works for HR and marketing

Learn how Unipart uses accountability to build a brand that attracts clients and candidates. 

Contingent workforce programmes in Asia and their benefits

In the first of our CWS Asia blogs, covering off the big questions from the staffing summit, we explore what a contingent workforce programme is and how to realise the benefits. 

Clifford Chance Resourcing Blog

How Clifford Chance hires for today and tomorrow

See how a magic circle law firm structures their recruitment to hire for today and tomorrow?

Tech is not the answer

Why technology alone is not the answer

Discover the key things you need to consider before investing in tech. 

Is your business doing too much typing and not enough talking?

As e-mail and tech use increases here are three tips to improve communications in your business.

getting freelancer ready

Is your business ready for the freelancer economy?

The growth in the number of freelancers means this is a talent pool you can longer ignore. Uncover how you can tap into the freelancer economy. 

Fold or hold

Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em

Both retaining and letting go of team members can be difficult, so how do you work out who to keep? 

Hiring for personality

Prioritising personality in your hiring process

90% of those who fail at their job in the first year did so due to the wrong outlook, rather than a lack of skills. So how do you hire for fit? 

SoW Problem or solution

Statement of Work: More problem than solution?

Statement of Work use is on the rise but is it the right answer for you?

Recruitment video trends

Top trends in video and what it means for your recruitment

Use of video is rising, costs are coming falling, but how can you get ahead of the game and use video to attract top talent?


How Unipart assesses candidate fit

See how manufacturing, logistics and consulting company, Unipart Group, uses a two-way assessment process to bring in the right people.

Refresher communication

A refresher guide to communicating at work

Should you pick up the phone or e-mail? Here we explore the merits of both.

5 steps to improve your candidate experience

From messaging to meeting here's how you can improve your candidate experience. 

Stand out EVP

Standing out from your competition: How to make the best of your EVP

You know the importance of your employer brand, you have your EVP, but how do you make it work for all your audiences all year round?

The decline of the job board?

The decline of the job board?

Does the rise of Gen C and the job aggregators spell the end for some of our favourite candidate sources? 

Developing you procurement business case

Defining your procurement business case

Looking to show the need for change and the value outsourcing can add? See how to develop your business case.

How to ensure your scope is fit for purpose

Outsourcing can cover as much or as little of your resourcing as you want. Here are a few tips to help you define the scope of your service.

Workforce plan case study

How to get the right talent at the right time

Wondering how to create a workforce plan? A multinational information and analytics company tells us how they work with the wider business to develop their workforce planning.

Hire internal or external

To promote internally or to hire externally?

Matt Dickason, Hays Talent Solutions Global Managing Director, shares his experience of building a leadership team. 

The blended workforce: myth or reality?

Shane Little, Operations Director ANZ, shares his insight into what it takes to successfully manage a blended workforce. 

The future workforce: how you can prepare today

Outsourced, embedded, freelance and subcontracted employees contribute to many industries, and forecasts predict this will increase, but what should you be doing to prepare now? 


An introduction to on-boarding

As companies increasingly place importance on on-boarding to retain staff we explore the what, why and how of on-boarding. 

How to induct a new hire

How prepared are you for your new starter? Five tips for an effective induction

You don't get a second chance at a first impression. Here's how to get your new recruits off to a flying start.

Increasing on-boarding

Increasing engagement in on-boarding

Three simple steps to help you improve your on-boarding process today.

Is it possible to unite a remote workforce?

Discover how to manage a virtual team and get the most from your remote workers.

5 top trends in workforce management

See the top trends you should look out for in workforce management according to our Americas MD.

Reducing resourcing risk

Risky business and how to avoid it in your service spend

From hiring managers going 'rogue' to misclassification of temps, resourcing can be risky business. Here's how to avoid the common pitfalls.

The top five most frequently asked questions from first time MSP buyers

Considering MSP for the first time? These give questions will help guide your thoughts about which model is right for you.

Sony Music

How Sony turns unsuccessful candidates into brand champions

See how Sony ensures rejected applications still have a positive candidate experience.

Recruitment tools to help HR meet business objectives

Learn what recruitment tools a leading multinational information and analytics group uses to meet their objectives.

Success factors

Success factors in delivering sustainable ROI

Short on time but need reliable results? Here are the three key steps to sustainable success when outsourcing your recruitment.

Vendor engagement in outsourcing

How to ensure vendor engagement in outsourcing

Learn how to get the best responses from providers when outsourcing. 

Screening done right

An introduction to screening done right

With constantly changing and increasing regulation are you confident your workers are compliant? Compliance is different in every company but here are some introductory steps to get you started. 

Workforce planning in three steps

Looking at your workforce planning? Here are three simple steps to get you started. 

Business engagement

How to secure business engagement and ROI when procuring HR services

Securing business engagement is key to delivering ROI. Learn how to get started. 

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