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Intelligent resourcing, it's what we do. Below is a sample of the insight we share with our clients.

Deloitte Skilled Cities

Skilled Cities

Where should I be opening my next office? Find out from this UK city profiling report in partnership with Deloitte.

What Workers Want

What do workers want?

Exploring the importance of four key factors: pay, culture, career progression and benefits in a professional's decision of whether to stay in a current job or whether to leave and accept a new job. Download the latest addition here.

Understanding the UK Apprenticeship Levy

Get the latest on what the Apprentice Levy means for you and how to make the most of it.

How to effectively manage your non-perm workforce

Missed our webinar on the future of workforce management and how to get the most from yours?

How to build a business case for MSP and RPO

Want to implement an RPO or MSP into your business but need to win some key stakeholders over? Read our guide on how to build a business case for recruitment outsourcing. 

The benefits of outsourcing

Why outsource?

You want access to the best talent, but what other benefits can outsourcing offer? 

Outsourcing definitions

Outsourcing glossary

RPO, MSP, VMS...outsourced recruitment can feel like a foreign language. 

Talent Aquisition Market

One third of talent acquisition outsourced 

In need of an introduction to the outsourced recruitment market?

Hays Journal Issue 14 Thumbnail

Rising to the new challenge - Deadline on data

Is your company ready for GDPR? Are your employees suffering from burnout? Download the latest Hays Journal 14 for insight into AI, flexible working and employee burnout.

Hays Global Skills Index 2017

Get to grips with the global skills landscape

The Hays Global Skills Index explores the key dynamics of the world's skilled labour market to equip you with the data you need to make more informed staffing decisions.

Are you ready for gender pay gap reporting?

Learn what you need to do to meet the UK's gender pay gap reporting legislation.

 Translating diversity policy into progress

See how businesses are addressing gender diversity at work by watching back our webinar on the findings of our latest diversity report.

Which RPO model?

Which outsourcing model is for you?

Discover how to decide which recruitment outsourcing model is for you with our latest handy guide.

Take the resourcing assessment

Staff engagement ideas for action

Discover the differences between what employees and employers think drives staff engagement. 

Hays global salary guides

Are you paying enough?

Benchmark your salaries with Hays salary guides from around the world. 

7 key factors in resourcing

Hays Ireland Managing Director, Richard Eardley explores where the pitfalls and opportunities lie. 

Gender Diversity Report

Translating policy into progress

Improving communication and addressing how to open the dialogue between employers and employees to enable progress.

Discover how
Hays Journal 13

Is your workforce ready for digital disruption?

Download the Hays Journal 13 to see how businesses are facing digital disruption and other hot topics in the world of work, such as how to embed a customer-led culture.

IR35 Implications webinar

Missed our recent webinar on the potential implications in the UK of IR35 and what it could mean for the private sector?

Global trends in talent solutions

What can you do to address your contingent workforce challenges? Find out with our latest webinar.

State of Resourcing Ireland

What matters most in resourcing?

See what business across Ireland rated as most important in resourcing.

State of resourcing

Best practice in resourcing

Discover best practice resourcing case studies and insight from across the UK.

Diverse workforce report

Why diversity efforts fail

Are organisations practicing what they preach?

Our thoughts in action

Our thoughts in action

Read our case studies to see what all this thinking means in reality.